Why did Ozark split season 4?

Ozark split season 4 as a compromise with Netflix as the series’ producer did not want a fifth season and needed more episodes to properly conclude the series.

Ozark premiered on Netflix in 2017, and the season had a total of 10 episodes. 10 episodes for each season was the standard for the two seasons that followed after. It is only with the fourth season that Netflix changed the number of episodes.

The decision to make the fourth and final season 14 episodes instead of the expected 10 episodes, was a decision taken between the paid subscription video-on-demand platform and the producers of the show.

What is Ozark about?

Netflix first premiered Ozark in 2017 as its original crime drama series following the end of its flagship drama series Narcos in the same year.

The series proved to satiate the taste of viewers, as Ozark was an immediate hit with subscribers, which can also be attributed to Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, who play the unpredictable married couple, Martin “Marty” Byrde and Wendy Byrde.

The Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams created series is premised on Marty Byrde, a financial advisor who “drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss.”

Why did Ozark split season 4?

In January 2022, Netflix released Ozark season four, part one. The first part of the season which has been in the making for close to two years consisted of seven episodes.

Moreover, the second part of season four is also set to have a total of seven episodes, which will be the conclusion of the series. Having a 14-episode season four was a decision taken by Netflix and the producers of the series, in an effort to reach a compromise.

While speaking to TVLine, showrunner and executive producer of Ozark, Chris Mundy explained the decision by stating, “It was originally going to be 10, but we wanted a little bit more.”

Mundy went on to add, “And then we kind of (reached) 14 together. Fourteen was something that, if divided up, would (allow) each part to feel substantial and distinct. And it felt like a good number where we could (conclude) the story but not overstay our welcome.”

When will Ozark season 4, part 2 be released?

Netflix released Ozark season four, part one in January 2022. The wait for season four was an almost two-year wait, as season three was released in March 2020.

While the reason for the delay has been publicly discussed, it is assumed that the delays were caused by the pandemic.

However, fans are hoping that season four, part two will not take as long to be released.

Therefore, as Netflix has kept mum on the official release to date, fans are expecting the release to happen during the second half of 2022, to give fans a chance to binge-watch the seasons that are already available.

How did Ozark season 4, part 1 end?

When Ozark season four, part one started, it did so with a flash-forward of the Byrde family in a seemingly fatal car accident, with the possibility of casualties looming in the air.

This has remained the cliffhanger as we prepare for the second part. However, the ending also continued to add the open-endedness of the season, as Omar Navarro was arrested by Agent Miller against the orders of her FBI superiors.

This will seemingly have long-reaching implications for Agent Miller, the Brydes who brokered the deal with the FBI, and Omar as his nephew killed two characters resulting in Ruth Langmore seeking revenge.

What to expect from Ozark season 4, part 2

Following the availability of season four, part one of Ozark, Chris Mundy was at more liberty to share what the focus of the series finale will be.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Mundy explained, “In terms of tone, we’re going deeper into the family and their bonds. Is family the ultimate bond? Is friendship? Is marriage? At what point is it almost unhealthy to stay, even if you love somebody? We’re going to delve into that with Marty and Wendy. Hopefully, the back half will still be fun and exciting, but also really emotional for the Byrdes and Ruth.”


In the past five years, Ozark has been one of the flagship series for Netflix, as it was released as a Netflix original in 2017.

The first three seasons all consisted of 10 episodes each, which were released sporadically between its premier and 2022, when season four, part one was released.

Season four, part one was released and consisted of seven episodes as will season four, part two, making season four a 14-episode series finale. The decision was revealed as a compromise between the producers and Netflix, to adequately conclude the series.