Why did Ozark take so long?

Season four of Ozark took close to two years to premiere after season three was released in 2020, which has been attributed to the pandemic causing production delays.  

In 2017, Netflix introduced a new thrilling crime drama series titled Ozark. The series was an immediate hit for the paid-subscription video-on-demand platform, which had just concluded its previous hit crime drama series, Narcos, after three seasons.

While Narcos managed to release a season annually, Ozark has had sporadic releases between its seasons. The only seasons that managed to achieve consecutive releases was season one and two.

However, between season three and season four, there was an almost two-year hiatus, which has been attributed to the pandemic.

What is Ozark about?

Ozark was the brainchild of creators Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams.

The thrilling crime drama series follows Marty Byrde, a financial advisor, who “drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss.” F

or four seasons, technically three and half seasons to date, we have watched as lead characters, married couple, Martin “Marty” Byrde and Wendy Byrde, played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, as they attempt to free themselves from their obligations of working for the Navarro cartel.

Why did Ozark take so long?

Season one of Ozark premiered on Netflix in July 2017. For a series that had the sort of impact that it did, one would expect that the following season would be released a year from the release of the first.

However, season two returned just a year after the first season in August 2018. This would be the last time that the series would have a one-year gap between releases.

This is as season three of Ozark was released in March 2020. The season was released in the same format as the two previous seasons, with a total of 10 episodes.

However, if the fans thought that they waited long for season three, season four would take even longer. This is as part one of season four was released in January 2022.

This was almost a two-year hiatus, which is attributed to the pandemic. While the world was trying to adjust to the new normal, multiple productions, including Ozark, were pushed back.

Where to watch online Ozark?

Where is Ozark season four, part two?

When Ozark released season four in January 2022, the series only released part one, which featured seven episodes. This is as season four has been divided into two parts, with seven episodes each.

The decision was taken in order to conclude the series with the fourth season, while still concisely concluding the story arcs of the characters.

Therefore, part two of season four is set to be released later than part one. However, a date for the release has yet to be shared by Netflix.

When will Ozark season four, part two be released?

Netflix has not set an official release date for season four, part two of Ozark. However, fans of the series believe that it will be released during the second half of 2022.

This is as the series has not had a definite throughout its five-year run. Therefore, the suggestion that the second half would be released the same time as previous season premiers has not been favoured by fans.

Moreover, in light of the last seven episodes being part of season four, a quicker turnaround would make sense as the story so far is still top of mind.

What to expect from Ozark season four, part two

Ozark season four, part two left many open-ended storylines for part two to carry on from. The first being the possible implications of Omar Navarro’s arrest by FBI Agent Maya.

This is as Omar had struck a deal with the FBI, which would have earned him his freedom and subsequently, that of the Byrde family. However, that was ruined by Agent Miller’s impulsive decision to go against her superiors and arrest Omar.

Moreover, the biggest question is the matter of the opening scene of season four, which saw the Byrdes in a car accident with the casualties not being revealed.


Ozark has been one of Netflix’s flagship series for the past five years due to the continued success since it first premiered in 2017. However, unlike other flagship series on Netflix, Ozark has had as many sporadic season releases as it has plot twists.

This is as season one came out in July 2017, season two in August 2018 and season three took even longer, with it being released in March 2020.

Season four has taken a completely different approach, as it has been divided into two parts, with seven episodes each. Part one was released recently in January 2022, as a result of the pandemic.