Why did Quinn leave Bold and Beautiful?

Quinn left The Bold and the Beautiful because the actress that plays the character, Rena Sofer, did not renew her recurring contract with the network.

The Bold and the Beautiful has always been one of the most popular daytime soap operas, and it remains popular to this day, as it is in its thirty-fifth season.

One of the reasons why the show is so popular is because of beloved characters and storylines like the ones involving Quinn Fuller, who is leaving the show because Rena Sofer’s contract with the network has ended.

How popular is The Bold and the Beautiful really?

Amongst the daytime American soap operas on television, The Bold and the Beautiful has always been one of the most popular shows.

When The Bold and the Beautiful first premiered in March of 1987, most people only knew it as the sister show to The Young and the Restless and many of the show’s early successes were likely due to the shared resources and cross-overs between the two shows.

However, even 33 years later in 2020, CBS announced that the show had once again been renewed for another two seasons. This means that the show is currently in its thirty-fifth season, with over 2.9 million viewers still tuning in to watch it every week.

Thus, The Bold and the Beautiful is still one of the most popular shows on television, and it is still bringing in more and more viewers, to this day.

Why did Quinn leave Bold and Beautiful?

A large part of the reason why The Bold and the Beautiful is such a successful daytime television show is the intricate storylines and the characters on the show that fans have grown to love, or even, to love hating.

One of these beloved recurring characters on the show is Quinn Fuller, who has been played by Rena Sofer for nine years.

Unfortunately, it was recently announced that Rena, and by extension, Quinn, would be leaving the show after her last episode, which aired on Monday, 29 August 2022.

Even though Rena made it clear that she was leaving the show because her contract with the network was going to expire and, since the writers were uncertain which direction they wanted to take with Quinn, they only offered her a recurring role as they planned the way forward.

Rena has also said that she had already decided that she did not want to renew the contract and that Quinn’s story was in a good place to end things, so she did not feel right about taking the recurring role. This is why Quinn needed to be written out of the show.

However, even though actors have left the show before and crucial characters have moved away or died to make this possible, many fans were disappointed with the way that The Bold and the Beautiful handled Quinn’s departure and felt like it was unclear and abrupt that the character would not be seen again.

Where was Quinn’s storyline before her departure?

One of the reasons that Rena provided as to why she decided to leave the show was that she felt like Quinn’s story was in a good place.

At this point, before Quinn’s departure from the show, fans were ecstatic that she and Carter had finally gotten together in the show.

So-called “Quarter” enthusiasts had been waiting a long time to finally see these two characters start a relationship and when Quinn decided to crash Carter’s wedding in Paris, it seemed that the time for this story to play out, had finally come.

However, since Quinn has now left, this romance was short-lived in the end.

Why are fans so unhappy with the way that Quinn’s departure was handled?

However, the abrupt end to the “Quarter”-romance is not the only reason that fans are upset with the way that The Bold and the Beautiful handled Quinn’s departure.

Fans are also upset because Quinn’s final episode before she left was extremely anticlimactic.

The writers also did not give Quinn a clear reason for leaving as they had done with other characters in the past and many viewers were not even sure if they were really watching Quinn’s last episode, as Quinn was never even shown leaving or giving Carter a reason for leaving.

What does the future hold for Rena who played Quinn?

Although Quinn’s departure was anticlimactic, Rena has many exciting things planned for her future.

She plans on spending more time with her daughter, who is preparing to go to college soon, and she is devoting more time to her pottery business, called Rena Sofer Ceramics, which sells pottery pieces online and donates a percentage of the proceeds to charity.