Why did Regular Show end?

Popular animation series, Regular Show, ended in 2017 after six years and eight seasons, after Cartoon Network deemed it was time the series concluded.

Regular Show first aired its pilot episode in 2009 and went on to produce 265 episodes before ending in 2017. The animation show followed a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby who worked as groundskeepers at a local park and got into surreal misadventures whenever they attempted to slack off. In early 2017 Cartoon Network announced that the show will end, as the storylines had been exhausted after their lengthy run.

In a 2017 interview with iDigitalTimes, show creator, J.G. Quintel explained that he agreed with the decision to end the show as they were lucky to have produced as many episodes as they did. He explained, “I definitely feel it was the right time. I feel we definitely got to explore everything we wanted to explore without it running into the ground where ‘let’s just keep making them until they get really bad.’ I didn’t want it to turn into that. I really think these are a solid set of episodes of a series I’m really proud of and I don’t regret anything about it.”