Why did Sinbad leave A Different World?

Sinbad was grateful for the fame A Different World gave him, but he also admitted that he was bored with the sitcom and wanted to do more.      

A Different World is an American sitcom series that aired for six seasons. It premiered in September 1987 and concluded in July 1993. The show followed the lives of students at the fictional Black school, Hillman College.

Coach Walter Oakes, portrayed by Sinbad, was the busiest man on the Hillman campus. He was coaching football, baseball, track teams and basketball. However, Sinbad decided to leave the show in 1991, after featuring in 59 episodes.

According to Vanity Fair, Sinbad stated that he decided to leave the show as he was working on a lot of different projects. He also admitted that he wanted to act in movies and try to put his own show together.

After he left A Different World, Sinbad started working on his family comedy, The Sinbad Show. He also featured in various comedies, including First Kid, Good Burger and Jingle All the Way.

The last television series Sinbad featured in was Rel, where he portrayed Milton. Rel was canceled by FOX in 2019 after one season, and he has not appeared in any movies or series since.