Why did T leave Salvage Hunters?

Seeing as there is no formal word on John T departure, there has been wide speculation on why did T leave Salvage Hunters.

John Tee and Drew Pritchard are Salvage Hunters’ beloved duo, despite having had a single season together during 2016, as Tee was enlisted as a cameo appearance.

Salvage Hunters is one of the most popular antique search reality shows. Currently in its fifteenth season, the United Kingdom-based reality show has been airing since 2011.

According to Cineflix, the premise of the show is, “Meet modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard.

With demanding customers, high turnover, and one of the biggest decorative salvage yards in the UK, Drew is constantly on the road, crisscrossing the country in search of derelict gems and forgotten remnants.

Drew loves the thrill of the hunt and while he gets his hands dirty in the country’s architectural backwaters, his crack team of restorers is back at the shop giving old and rare finds a new lease on life.”

In the episodes that have aired since the fifteenth season began, none have been as popular as those from 2016, when Prichard would travel with best friend and driver, John Tee.

John Tee was enlisted on the show as a guest appearance. His appearance was one of many guest appearances from other personalities, including Rebecca Pritchard, Alex Webster, Dougal Cawley and John Barrenechea.

However, it was the camaraderie between the two personalities of Pritchard and Tee which won fans over.

John Tee’s tenure on Salvage Hunters

Tee was officially credited on the eighth season of the show and appeared in a total of 10 episodes during the season. He was enlisted to be part of the show specifically as not only Pritchard’s driver, but also as his best friend.

Therefore, the episodes hinged on their chemistry and banter, not just with the people they visited to inquire about the antiques.

Why did T leave Salvage Hunters?

The first episode which featured Tee was the season eight premiere episode, which IMDb explained as, “Architectural salvage expert Drew Pritchard returns to track down more valuable items, beginning at a Scottish castle, where he test-drives a historic million-pound car.”

While his last episode he featured on was the tenth episode of the season which also focussed on, “Salvage guru Drew finds nirvana with a Winchester pub full of quirky antiques. In Hampshire he makes a controversial purchase and he’s surprised by a vintage boutique in Suffolk.”

John Tee’s departure from Salvage Hunters

Tee did not return for the ninth season of the show nor the subsequent seasons until Pritchard’s last season back in 2019.

In the three years that have followed since his appearance, fans have wondered why he did not return to the show. Seeing as there is no formal word on his departure, there has been wide speculation on the reason.

Fired or just end of contract

Tee was specifically enlisted to make a cameo appearance for the eighth season. Therefore, considering the multiple spin-offs and multitude of other guest appearances, it is possible that him not returning was due to the fact that his contract was not renewed for a new season.

Further, that his return with a new season would have resulted in calls to have him made into a permanent co-host, which is different from the terms of being approached as a cameo guest appearance.

Tee’s weight loss probed

During the eighth season of the series, the matter of John Tee’s dramatic weight loss captured the fascination of fans. Tee was also plump with a round face and accompanying rosy, puffy cheeks.

This was a stark contrast to when he began to consciously watch his weight. Seemingly, as he returned smaller in his body, interest in how he achieved to lose that much weight in a short period of time became a matter of fascination.

Speculations believe this is the reason that fuelled Tee’s non-return to Salvage Hunters.

However, neither the show nor the media personality have come out publicly to deny or corroborate either of the speculations that societal pressure pushed Tee out, or if it was a matter of not wanting to come back as a continued best friend and not as a co-host.