Why did Ty leave Heartland?

Ty was written out of Heartland, because the actor who plays Ty, Graham Wardle, wanted to pursue a new direction with his life and career.

It is always sad when a character that has been an integral part of a show since its beginning is written out of the show.

However, in Graham Wardle’s case, his character Ty was written out of Heartland at his own request, so that he could focus on other endeavors outside of the show.

Why did Ty leave Heartland?

If you are a devoted Heartland fan, you may have noticed that one of the show’s key characters Ty Borden left the show.

Ty, and the actor who portrays the character on screen, Graham Wardle, have been an integral part of Heartland for many years now, and fans were shocked when the character was killed off in the first episode of the 14th season.

Though Ty’s death on the show may have been shocking for viewers, the decision to kill off this beloved character was actually planned well in advance, so that Wardle could have more spare time to focus on his other artistic endeavors outside of the show.

In fact, Wardle had actually been considering leaving the show for years before Ty was actually killed off and had already informed Murray Shostak, who is one of the show’s creators, about wanting to leave the show two years before his on-screen death played out.

How long had Graham Wardle been part of the Heartland cast?

Wardle’s character Ty was initially introduced on Heartland during the very first season of the show as the bad-boy who Amy’s mother hired as their ranch hand before her death.

Fans then got to see as his relationship with Amy evolved over the course of the 13 years and 13 seasons of the show.

How exactly did Ty die?

Fortunately, the creators knew that Wardle was planning to leave Heartland and could give his character a proper in-universe send-off.

This does not mean, however, that the gunshot wound from stray bullet from a poacher and a subsequent blood clot, which ended up being Ty’s cause of death, was any less shocking to the other Heartland characters, including his widow Amy and daughter Lyndy.

What has Graham Wardle been up to since he left Heartland?

When Wardle first left the show he justified his decision by stating that he felt “it was time to move in a new direction.”

It turns out that this new direction included Wardle’s very own podcast, which is called “Time Has Come” and his collection of poetry and other writings called “Find Your Truth,” which has recently been made available in the form of a digital copy.