Why does Corey kill in Halloween Ends?

Corey kills in Halloween Ends because of his connection to Michael, but also because the people of Haddonfield treated him so poorly and bullied him.

Halloween Ends has less of a focus on Michael as “The Shape” and rather, focuses more on the broader concept of evil.

Corey Cunningham’s story is part of what makes Halloween Ends so unexpected, because Corey starts killing both as a result of Michael’s influence and the town’s treatment of him and this shows how there is no singular source of evil in Haddonfield.

What is Halloween Ends really about?

The Halloween Ends film is an expected, but surprising end to the David Gordon Green Halloween trilogy, which also featured the 2018 Halloween remake, and the 2021 Halloween Kills iteration.

Although some fans of the now 13 Halloween films feel that Green wholly misunderstood the point of the original films by trying to humanise and explain Michael Myers, instead of just letting him be the evil bogeyman of Haddonfield, not so affectionately nicknamed “The Shape”.

However, some other fans welcome Green’s fresh approach to the Halloween franchise and appreciate that Halloween Ends explores heavier topics, like what it really means to be evil.

Why does Corey kill in Halloween Ends?

A large part of what has made the Halloween Ends film so unexpected is the inclusion of Corey Cunningham’s storyline.

Halloween Ends opens with the story about how Corey, who is portrayed by Rohan Campbell, accidentally killed a boy who he was babysitting in 2019.

The important distinction here is that although this boy died right in front of his parents, Corey did not actually intend to kill him and it was all just a prank that had gone horribly wrong.

However, once news of this incident spread, the entire town of Haddonfield turned their backs on Corey, and started bullying him.

This is likely due to the fact that the townspeople needed a scapegoat for all of the fear, anger, and frustration caused by the events of Halloween Kills.

The real change in Corey’s character only really happened once he was abducted by Michael Myers and taken to his lair in the sewers.

Here, Michael looked into Corey’s eyes and saw all of the horrible experiences and bullying that Corey has suffered at the hands of the townspeople and decided to let him go.

At first, this seemed like a strange choice from Michael’s side, but it soon became clear that he had transferred some of his evil into Corey.

Corey’s killing spree then continued in a sort of partnership where he brought victims to Michael for them to kill and eventually even steal Michael’s mask to start killing on his own.

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How does Corey turn into a killer throughout the film?

Whether Michael transferred his evil bloodlust to Corey in a supernatural way, or more in a symbolic way because both of these characters can identify so strongly with one another and Corey is particularly emotionally vulnerable at this point, is unclear.

What is clear though is that something in Corey changed after this interaction took place. From this moment on, Corey started devolving quickly.

The homeless man that he killed just after he was let go, was killed more in self-defence than malice, but when he lured Mulaney to the sewers where he knew Michael was waiting, it was clear that he intended to kill him, even if Michael got to deal the final blow.

However, Corey truly became a killer in his own right when he donned a scarecrow mask to attack the doctor that Allyson worked for, and later on, the DJ who insulted him and the bullies who attacked him, while wearing Michael’s mask.

What is the significance of Corey taking Michael’s mask?

Michael’s mask has always been an important part of the Halloween films, but in this final Halloween Ends film, the mask became even more significant, as it symbolises that “The Shape” is not the only source of evil in Haddonfield.

Corey taking the mask is symbolic of how the town’s actions towards Corey had bred more evil and how killing Michael will not instantly solve the problems that the town faces.

Does Corey really die at the end of Halloween Ends?

Although Corey does seem to inherit some of the same inhuman abilities that Michael has when he is wearing the mask, Michael is able to kill him because he sees Corey as just another person without the mask.

It is, however, also important to keep in mind that Michael has returned from being as good as dead multiple times in the Halloween franchise, and it is possible that Corey could return in the future under similar circumstances.