Why does Kakashi wear a mask?

The Naruto character, Kakashi, has always been seen wearing a mask, which anime enthusiasts have speculated to be his way of concealing his indecent thoughts.

Kakashi is a fan-favourite character from the manga series, Naruto, who is known for his good looks and attractive personality.

He is also recognised as one of the most mysterious characters because he keeps his personal details and information about himself to a minimum.

Moreover, he is always seen wearing a mask. The anime series has never directly addressed his peculiar aesthetic, leaving fans to make up their own assumptions.

Many believe that his mask is a symbol of his membership in the Anbu Black Ops, however, that has been discredited in hindsight, as he wore the mask prior to joining the Anbu Black Ops.

The other speculation references the spin-off series, Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, where the characters are said to experience nosebleeds when they have indecent and inappropriate thoughts.

Due to the mystery behind Kakashi, fans wonder if his mask is to conceal the nosebleeds he has, resulting from his mature thoughts.

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