Why does Peacock Premium have commercials?

Peacock Premium has commercials as that is how Peacock’s packages are set up with the only “ad-free” package being the Premium Plus package.

Peacock is one of the latest entries into the paid subscription video-on-demand streaming industry. Introduced by NBCUniversal in July 2020, the launch of the service was touted as NBCUniversal’s entry into the continually growing and saturated market.

To subscribers who use the free version, it did not come as a surprise that the service was ad-supported.

The surprise came in that the Peacock Premium and Premium Plus packages also contained commercials, which leading video-on-demand services like Netflix have steered away from.

However, Peacock has made it clear that the Premium package will have ads, but it is still considered better than the free package.

What is the difference between Premium and Premium Plus?

The biggest difference between Peacock’s Premium and Premium Plus packages is the pricing and the benefits you get from the two packages.

The Premium package costs $4.99 per month or $50 if you purchase an annual subscription. On the other hand, the Premium Plus package, costs $9.99 per month or $100 annually.

The Premium Plus package is beneficial to have as it is the only package from Peacock that allows for subscribers to download shows to watch offline on their mobile devices.

Furthermore, the Premium Plus package is marketed as ad-free, but that is not technically true.

Why does Peacock Premium have commercials?

Peacock launched with a total of three packages that it offered its subscribers. The first was the free package which contained ads, since it was free.

Peacock’s Premium package, despite the fact that it was a paid subscription package, was never marketed as an ad-free package, even though it was called Premium.

The biggest difference between the two packages is the amount of access each package offered viewers.

The $4.99 per month or $50 annual subscription cost for the Premium package, offers subscribers 60 000 hours of television shows, films, and documentaries.

This is an upgrade from the 40 000 hours of television shows, films, and documentaries available on the free package.

Peacock was seemingly strategic in creating their plans, as the only package that was publicised as ad-free was the Premium Plus package.

Which is to say that in their three-tier subscription packages, Peacock promoted the Premium Plus package as the only ad-free package available.

Therefore, Peacock’s Premium package, despite it being called “Premium,” was only labelled this to differentiate between this package and the free package.

Instead, they could have named this package the “Standard” package, which would have implied that the package contained ads, unlike the misleading perception created by the title that it is actually a Premium package.

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Does Peacock Premium Plus have ads?

While Peacock Premium was promoted as the package that does contain ads and offers more viewing content and hours than the free package, the Premium Plus package was sold as one that is ad-free.

However, this is not completely true, as even the Premium Plus package contains ads. Peacock justifies the occurrence by suggesting that the reason for this is “streaming rights.”

Initially, they were limited and differed from those that aired on the free and Premium packages. However, it seems that the company is looking to change that with the latest updates proposed by Peacock’s officials.

Peacock announces changes for Premium Plus

Peacock’s Premium Plus package may have been touted as ad-free, but the package also contains ads. The ads interrupt viewing as they pop up in between episodes of binge watching.

Most of these ads aim to promote other content available on the streaming service, which is a common practice for many video-on-demand services.

Now, Peacock is set to launch a new way of advertising, even on the Premium Plus package, which is through creating a banner onto which the airing show or film will be transposed.

Additionally, it is believed that the new advertising banners may incorporate interactive features that will allow the subscriber to click on the link and be led to the source link of what is being advertised.

Peacock’s officials on the big idea

Peacock’s Senior Vice President, John Jelley, spoke on the push about changing the way the service advertises, even with its Premium Plus ad-free package.

He stated, “The majority of Peacock customers are opting for our ad-supported experience, and we remain focused on collaborating with our brand partners to develop innovative, personalised ad experiences that continue to enhance the customer experience.”