Why does Sling keep kicking you out?

Sling TV experienced a glitch following an update that kicked users out of the site while they were still viewing, below are some reasons why this may occur.

Sling TV first officially launched in 2015. The television streaming service has since been touted as one of the preferred streaming and live TV services for those not interested in a cable free streaming service. This is more cost-effective than purchasing cable to watch television.

However, despite the popularity of the streaming service, it still tends to experience technical errors and glitches. One error that has been continuously highlighted by the public is the fact that the service kicks its viewers out of the site abruptly while they are viewing.

In response to this, Sling TV suggested that the glitch was a result of an update. But there are also other reasons why this might happen.

What is the upside of Sling TV?

The biggest advantage of using Sling TV is the fact that the service is comparatively cheaper than its competitors in the market and cable television.

Sling TV’s standard packages, Sling Orange and Sling Blue, both cost $35 per month, and the Sling Orange and Sling Blue joint package costs $50 per month.

Sling TV also has a Cloud DVR feature that lets viewers record 50 hours’ worth of viewing content. Users can also rewind and watch a select number of old programs on the platform.

Additionally, depending on your location, the service also allows subscribers to view local networks such as ESPN, Comedy Central, Food Network, and the Disney Channel.

Why does Sling keep kicking you out?

There are multiple reasons why Sling TV could be kicking you out abruptly while you are watching content on the service. The first reason suggested for this is an update by the streaming service which caused the glitch.

Fixing this issue is easy as it only requires that you check if there is an update that you can download to prevent continuously being kicked out abruptly. This can be done by visiting your Play Store or Apple Store.

Alternatively, the problem could be the device with which you are watching Sling TV on. If this is the case, it is advisable that you first delete the Sling TV app from your device.

Thereafter, you need to restart the television and the device you used. After this, download the Sling TV app on your device again. Doing this usually resolves the issue of being kicked out of the app.

If both of the above steps do not fix the issue, then the cause of the problem is not an update or technical issue with Sling TV but might, instead, be due to other external factors pertaining to the streaming service.

The problem could also be on the user’s end. Therefore, it is important to check for other potential causes such as a possible security breach or whether the content you are looking for has expired.

What do you do if there is a Sling TV security breach?

Sometimes Sling TV will kick you out because the service picks up a suspected security breach. This could be because someone else is trying to use your login credentials to access the service.

The best option in this regard is to log out of all the devices Sling TV is signed into. Before doing that, though, it is important that you change your password to ensure that your login details remain secure.

To change your password you need to:

  1. Visit Sling TV
  2. Click on “My Account” and find “Personal Information”
  3. Select “Change password”
  4. Enter and confirm your new password
  5. Select “Change password” again

What do you do if Sling TV shows you an Error 6-402 notification?

Other times, instead of logging out of your account, “Error 6-402” will pop up on your Sling TV account and you cannot watch anything.

This is an indication that you either tried to access expired content or the content is blocked or no longer available. This is especially common if your smartphone or tablet cannot pick up your location.

To fix this, you need to follow different steps in order to ensure that the message does not appear again.

Steps to follow to fix the Error 6-402 message

Fixing the appearance of the Error 6-402 message will differ depending on whether you use Android or iOS enabled devices. The steps for each are as follows:

Android devices:

  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Select “Location”
  3. Select “Google Location Reports”
  4. Click on “Location Reports”
  5. Turn the switch on

iOS devices:

  1. Go to your mobile device, Settings
  2. Select “Privacy”
  3. Select “Location Services”
  4. Click on “Sling TV”
  5. Select “While using the application”