Why is Elizabeth leaving The Blacklist?

Megan Boone will conclude her run on the NBC show in the season eight finale, as fans wait to hear why Boone is leaving The Blacklist.

The Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that premiered on 23 September 2013. The series follows Raymond Reddington, played by James Spader, a high-profile criminal who voluntarily surrenders to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

He tells the FBI that he has a list of the world’s most dangerous criminals, which he is willing to hand over to the FBI in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Reddington insists on exclusively working with FBI rookie, Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone.

Although Boone has been an essential part of the show since the series first premiered in 2013, she is set to depart at the end of season eight. Megan will make her last appearance as a regular cast member in the season eight finale.

This indicates that Diego Klattenhoff, played by Donald Ressler; Amir Arison, played by Aram Mojtabai; Harry Lennix, played by Harold Cooper; and Spader will be the only remaining members of the original cast.

The fans had already been speculating that Boone would leave the show prior to the announcement, as she did not appear in eight episodes of season eight.

Although the storyline did not feature Elizabeth because she was being held as a fugitive, Boone reportedly did not feature in all eight episodes due to personal reasons.

Her decision to leave was made before the show was renewed for another season in January 2021. This indicates that fans can expect a complete closing arc for Elizabeth Keen, as opposed to a rapid exit out the door. However, Boone did not reveal an official reason for her departure from the show.

The fans of the show are shocked and upset by Boone’s departure. One fan took to Twitter and stated, “The Blacklist is not the same without Megan Boone. Diego will be my only reason to watch, although I respect every single one of the cast and crew.”

Along with The Blacklist, Boone has also featured in other television series, such as The Underground Railroad, Law and Order: L.A. and Robot Chicken.