Why is ITV now ITV1?

ITV has rebranded its channel name to ITV1 as part of a larger rebrand across all of its channels and platforms prior to the launch of ITVX.

ITV has undergone many changes since its launch in order to keep modernising the network, so that it can stay relevant.

The latest change includes a name change from ITV to ITV1, as well as many other small branding details across all of the ITV channels to match the new ITVX streaming service, which is launching later this year, 2022.

The history of ITV

ITV was initially launched in 1955 and it is a British public broadcast television network. At first, ITV was owned by a network of different companies, but after many changes over the years, the network is now only owned by two companies, namely ITV plc and STV Group.

In 2015, ITV reworked their ITV Player mobile application and launched the ITV Hub in its place. This ITV Hub was a bid to modernise the network and to ensure that it keeps up with the ever-increasing popularity of streaming services.

This ITV hub proved to be incredibly successful and has garnered over 30 million registered users.

Even with growing concerns that the days of broadcast television networks are numbered, ITV still manages to reach about 34.2 million viewers a week across all of its channels and platforms.

Why is ITV now ITV1?

ITV’s continued popularity can likely be attributed to the fact that the network has managed to continually innovate and upgrade its services to appeal to the changing market.

One of the most recent changes that ITV has made to its branding is renaming the channel from ITV to ITV1 on 15 November 2022.

Many people have nostalgic ties to the ITV1 name, as the channel had this name a few years ago between 2010 and 2013, before it was changed back to ITV in January of 2013.

However, even though this name has a somewhat nostalgic feel, this rebrand is actually intended to provide the network with a more relevant and modern brand moving forward.

This is why the rebrand also encompasses various changes across the ITV channels and platforms ahead of the ITVX launch, which will happen late in 2022.

ITV executives hope that these rebranded names, logos, and idents will freshen up the look and feel of all of the ITV channels, so that they blend more coherently with the network’s streaming services and provide the same experience on all the platforms moving forward.

What has changed with the rebranding of ITV to ITV1?

In addition to the obvious name change that you probably would have noticed the moment you tuned into ITV on 15 November, ITV has also changed many other little aspects of their branding to bring it into the modern age and to give all of its channels a familiar but fresh look and user experience.

This includes elements like the new logo, colours, typography, voice, and motion effects on all of the now- ITV1 channel, and the remaining ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, and ITVBe channels, as well as the yet-to-be-released ITVX streaming platform.

What to expect from ITVX

Streaming services have been surging in popularity in recent years and this has completely changed the way that consumers engage with and enjoy media.

Much like many of the other changes that ITV has made to its interface and platforms in the past, this new ITVX streaming service is a bid for ITV to stay relevant and competitive within this changing market.

ITVX is ITV’s new streaming service which will replace the catch-up content feature on the ITV Hub that is launching on 8 December 2022.

The streaming platform will have over 10000 hours of free programming that users can watch. This will include the 250 films and the 200 series of all genres that will be available as soon as ITVX launches.

This will also include the full range of the popular ITV dramas that have been featured on all of the franchise’s channels in the past and the present.

Does this rebrand mean that ITV will be focusing on streaming in the future?

Although it may seem like all of the branding changes that are being made to ITV are an indication that they will be moving most of their resources to the ITVX streaming service that these branding changes are based on in the future, this is not the case.

In fact, ITV’s branding changes are only meant to create a sort-of “ITV Multiverse” where the content across the network’s platforms look similar and provide the same user experience for a seamless transition from the network channels to the new streaming service.