Why is Rick Ross’ RICH beard oil still a go-to?

Rick Ross’ beard oil is still considered one of the best, three years after he launched his RICH by Rick Ross male grooming product line.

In April 2018, Rick Ross launched RICH by Rick Ross, a nine-product line focused on male grooming. William Leonard Roberts, popularly known as Rick Ross, is known for his full and lush beard, especially with the advent of full beards. Fans and admirers of the Aston Martin hitmaker were inquiring about how he gets his beard to look the way it does.

In this regard, Ross was quoted as having said, “I always get asked what I use to keep my beard so fly and real bosses help other bosses stay blessed so, I knew I needed to bring the people what they wanted.” The nine-product line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, hair and body wash, styling gel, shaving cream, aftershave balm, classic pomade, strong styling and beard oil.

Arguably the most beloved product from the RICH by Rick Ross male grooming line is the RICH beard oil. This is not surprising considering the condition of the rapper’s own beard. However, there are two reasons why his beard oil is lauded as one of the best beard oils on the market to date, three years after he first launched the product.

What is RICH by Rick Ross Luxury Beard Oil?

Firstly, the price point of the beard oil makes it competitive to other luxury beard oils. The beard oil is priced at $19.99 for a 1 fl oz bottle. This is the price on the online RICH by Rick Ross store. The product’s instructions are detailed as, “Apply a couple of drops into (a) damp or dry beard. Reapply a small amount to dry (the) beard for extra gloss.”

Second to the price point of the product, another reason the beard oil is lauded is the quality and result it produces. First, it is important to note that beard oil is not an all-natural product. The ingredients to make the beard oil include castor oil seed, grapeseed oil, olive fruit oil, isopropyl palmitate, jojoba seed oil, parfum, tocopheryl acetate, eugenol, coumarin, linalool, benzyl benzoate, citronellol and limonene.

Benefits of use

Despite not being natural, the product is still considered one of the best beard moisturisers to help with growth and protect the skin in order to produce a full and connecting beard. This is also further explained by Rick Ross on the RICH blog, who explains who should use the beard oil by stating:

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“You should start using beard oil as soon as you decide to grow out your beard because in about two weeks your skin and beard hair will get itchy and dry as the skin struggles to produce enough supporting oil. This itch can get bad enough for some guys to drop the entire idea altogether and return to their clean-shaven ways. If only they knew about beard oil, they could go on growing a magnificent beard without all the discomfort.”

Rick Ross also goes on to suggest that DJ Khaled is also an endorser of his beard oil by adding, “RICH by Rick Ross’ complete range of beard and hair products is a good example of affordable luxury, as all the products are reasonably priced, without giving up anything in quality. DJ Khaled doesn’t settle for less than the best and now you don’t have to either.”

Supplementary Rich by Rick Ross products

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Although, the RICH beard oil is not the only product part of the nine-piece product line that has been endorsed by customers. Another product which has been raved about is the RICH by Rick Ross Luxury Beard and Hair Glow. The product which is valued at $19.99 on the online store is described as, “This new Beard & Hair Glow will make your beard and hair shine like a disco ball without any greasy residue. Made with argan, almond, olive and linseed oil, four of nature’s most emollient plant oils.”

Another product would be the RICH by Rick Ross Luxury Strong Styling Wax, which is designed to be used like a balm, in order to style the beard and avoid flyaways. The online store describes the $15.99 estimated price product as, “So is this matte wax. Create boss texture with (a) strong, yet workable hold. For all hair types.” Going on to share the instructions of use as, “Apply to damp or dry hair for matte texture and hold.”