Why Kwesta got TikTok ahead of Kubo’s release

Kwesta is set to release his new single, Kubo, featuring K.O, Focalistic and Bassie, and in an effort to promote the single, has launched the Kubo Dance Challenge on TikTok.

Kwesta took to Instagram on Wednesday, 28 July 2021, to confirm that he has recently gotten onto TikTok. The purpose of his post was to confirm the launch of the Kubo Dance Challenge. The challenge’s dance moves were devised by the leading dance crew in the country, Soweto’s Finest. Moreover, the choreographer of the dance challenge was Tom London, co-head choreographer of Netflix’s first local original dance series, Jiva!.

The reason for the dance challenge and Kwesta affirming his presence on TikTok is to promote the release of the single, Kubo, featuring K.O, Focalistic and Bassie. The single is part of his recently released studio album, g,o.d guluva. The single follows the release of Fire in the Ghetto, featuring Troublle.

Ahead of the official launch of the dance challenge, Kwesta had been teasing the release of the single. This is as he revealed that he co-directed the music video, which has already been shot. Moreover, Kwesta shared a teaser of the music video, which did not reveal much except that he aims to exude opulence in it.

In light of the imminent release and the reception of Kwesta’s new album, it begs the question whether Kwesta, under his new management, will bear the same success as he did in his DAKAR II era. This is as the “new Kwesta” has arguably lost what made him relevant to his audiences – his representation of the hood.

This is considering that Kwesta’s most popular releases are those which made an impact on the ground first, before reaching social media. Since signing to his new management, the rapper has opted for the inverse, which could be the reason for the perceived lack of impact that the album has made.

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