Why was Isla Fisher not in Now You See Me 2?

Though it was never confirmed, Isla Fisher was reportedly not in Now You See Me 2 due to her pregnancy conflicting with the production of the sequel.


Now You See Me premiered in 2013. The premise of the magic-centric thriller action film focussed on a group of magicians, The Four Horsemen, who used their skills to pull off a heist with Mark Ruffalo playing the FBI agent trying to catch them.

The original composition of The Four Horsemen consisted of Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, and Isla Fisher. However, when the second film was released in 2016, Fisher was replaced with Lizzy Caplan. While the production team never shared the reason for Fisher’s exit, it was believed that it was due to her pregnancy.

Who was Isla Fisher in Now You See Me?

On Now You See Me, Isla Fisher played Henley Reeves, the only female member of The Four Horsemen. Moreover, she was one of two main supporting female characters in the film along with Mélanie Laurent, as Alma Dray, the French Interpol agent.

Ironically, both female main supporting lead characters did not return for the second film and were subsequently replaced.

Following their replacements, neither the production team of the film or the actors shared the reasons for their departures, which left room for speculation, which have also never been confirmed nor denied by both parties.

Why was Isla Fisher not in Now You See Me 2?

Even before the release of the film, it was confirmed that Isla Fisher would not return to reprise her role as Henley Reeves. Therefore, when the film was released, the story did not touch on the reason for her character not returning except to allude to an off-screen fall out with Dylan Rhodes, played by Mark Ruffalo. Henley was replaced by Lizzy Caplan, who played the character of Lula May.

Fisher’s non-return was never publicly explained by the production team of the film. However, in 2014, the actor was pregnant with her third child with husband, Sacha Baron Cohen. It was believed that her pregnancy conflicted with the production schedule to shoot the film, which resulted in Fisher not returning.

More so, as the film was shot in two primary locations, Macau and London, which would have entailed her to travel with an alleged high-risk pregnancy due to her being over the age of 35 years old.

Who else did not return for Now You See 2?

Fisher was not the only actor to not return for the second instalment of the Now You See Me. Another main supporting lead character that did not return was Interpol agent, Alma Dray, played by Mélanie Laurent. Laurent’s non-return was also not explained by either the film’s representatives nor Laurent and her team.

In the sequel, she was replaced with acclaimed actor, Sanaa Lathan, who played the character of FBI Deputy Director Natalie Austin.

Is there a Now You See Me 3 on the way?

It has been over five years since the release of Now You See Me 2 back in 2016. While a third instalment was confirmed ahead of the release of the sequel, word died down on the progress.

This was until in 2020, when Lionsgate confirmed that Now You See Me 3 is on the way. This is after the studio needed to find a new writer and director, which they found in Eric Warren Singer and David Gould respectively.

No word on the premise or the returning cast of the third instalment has been shared, as the story is reportedly currently in production.

Will Isla Fisher return to Now You See Me 3?

Considering that the story for Now You See Me 3 is currently in development, there is no way of telling if Isla Fisher will be returning to reprise her role as Henley Reeves. However, considering that the story did leave room for her to return as her exit was excused away, it is possible that she could return.

Moreover, her return would result in a more female-inclusive cast, considering that the first and second film only had two main supporting lead characters in a cast filled with male cast members.


Now You See Me was the surprise box office hit magic-centric thriller action film which spawned a franchise that has amassed an estimated $668 million at the box office between the two films. While most of the original cast returned for the sequel, two did not.

Isla Fisher did not return to reprise her role as Henley Reeves, which was allegedly due to her pregnancy conflicting with the shooting schedule. Additionally, Mélanie Laurent, who played Interpol agent Alma Dray also did not return. Both were replaced and no word has been shared if they will return for the third instalment.