Why was Victoria in the Bachelor preview?

Although fans originally thought that Victoria might be competing on season 27 of The Bachelor after she was featured in the preview, she will actually be a judge.

The drama and intrigue of the Bachelor franchise and all of its spin-offs is part of what makes the show so good and enjoyable to watch.

For instance, fans have been debating and gossiping on social media, because Victoria Fuller was shown in the trailer for the twenty-seventh season of The Bachelor. However, she will be a judge and she will not be competing.

Is the Bachelor franchise really as good as everyone says?

If you were to ask any loyal fan of the show or any of its spin-off shows, which are commonly known as the “Bachelor Nation,” whether they thought that the show was really that different to any of the other reality dating shows on television, they would be quick to point out that the drama and cat-fights that happen on the show while contestants are searching for “real love” are unlike any other show.

Even though couples who form on the show have an abysmal success rate once they leave the show, many fans keep up to date with every new episode just so that they can talk about it with their friends or on social media and this means that the community surrounding the show is just as important as the show itself.

Why was Victoria in the Bachelor in Paradise preview?

Fans of The Bachelor have been anxiously awaiting any news about the twenty-seventh season of the show, which is set to air on 23 January 2023.

This season will star Zach Shallcross, as he tries to find love after missing out in the nineteenth season of The Bachelorette with Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

However, when the trailer for this season finally dropped, fans were shocked to see Victoria Fuller, from season 24 of The Bachelor and season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise, as well as some other familiar faces featuring in this new season.

Not only did it shock fans to see people from previous seasons returning for another shot of love, without it being hyped up by The Bachelor producers beforehand, but also because after Victoria’s run on Bachelor in Paradise earlier this year (2022), she has confirmed multiple times that she is in a relationship with Greg Grippo, hence, it would not make sense for her to throw her hat in the ring for Zach’s affection.

However, famed Bachelor Nation inside source, Reality Steve, confirmed in his podcast that Victoria and a few other alums will judge a group date on this season, and they will not actually be competing themselves.

Which other The Bachelor alums are featured in the trailer for Zach’s season?

The trailer that was released to promote Zach’s season of The Bachelor featured the usual hot and sexy swimsuit shots that loyal fans have come to expect. But it also threw a curveball into the mix when it showed a few familiar faces.

The first of these faces pops up right at the beginning of the promotional video when Sean Lowe from season 17 of The Bachelor helps Zach scrub up in the shower.

However, the surprise reveals do not end there, of course, and Victoria makes an appearance.

But the alum that seems to get the most attention from the new contestants on the show is Tahzjuan Hawkins from Season 23 of The Bachelor and Season 6 and 7 of Bachelor in Paradise.

What happened with Victoria on Bachelor in Paradise?

Although Tahzjuan elicited the greatest reactions from the contestants, Victoria’s appearance really had the Bachelor Nation buzzing.

After the Bachelor in Paradise reunion episode aired on 22 November 2022, the Bachelor Nation was discussing Victoria’s antics on the show on social media.

She and Johnny broke off their engagement shortly after the last episode and after all of their back and forth throughout the season over Victoria and Greg’s relationship not being completely over, she has now confirmed that she and Greg are together again.

Then, immediately thereafter, the season 27 trailer gave fans the idea that she may have left Greg again to compete on Zach’s season.

How do the contestants on Zach’s season react to seeing the alums?

It is clear just from the contestants’ reactions in the short clips in the teaser trailer that they also do not know why the alums have shown up.

Some of the girls immediately become defensive and start saying that the season does not need even more contestants and that Tahzjuan is coming to steal their man. Fortunately for them, this does not seem to be the case.