Why WhatsApp Web App will not work without a phone

Technically, WhatsApp Web cannot work without a phone, because it always has to be within range of connectivity with the desktop or laptop you are using.


WhatsApp Web is an innovation from WhatsApp that allows WhatsApp users to have access to the app on a laptop or a personal computer (PC).

This is done through the process of linking your phone with your chosen device, through a QR unique code. While WhatsApp Web can work while your phone is away from you, but within range, it will not work if your phone does not have an internet connection or is too far away from the supplementary device.

WhatsApp Web explained

It is really easy to link the WhatsApp on your phone to that on your PC. The steps are as follows:

1. Go onto your PC’s internet browser and search ‘WhatsApp Web.’

2. Click on the link and a page will appear with a unique QR code on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Go onto your WhatsApp on the phone, and tap on the Menu tab.

4. Choose the Linked Device option.

5. If your phone requires a code, follow the instructions.

6. Once it is open, the camera will be activated, and you must place the lens towards the QR code on the PC’s internet browser.

7. Thereafter, WhatsApp Web should be activated, and you can chat using the PC.

Does WhatsApp Web work without a phone?

The truth of the matter is that WhatsApp Web will not work without your phone that has the app, especially if your phone is not within range or connected to the internet. Why? Well, think of it this way, if WhatsApp Web works as a mirror to the app on your phone, when the phone does not work, what will the mirror reflect? Therefore, in order for WhatsApp Web to work, you need to have the phone with the app in close proximity and with a working internet connection.

In terms of the internet connection, the web application will notify you if there is a problem with connectivity, in order for you to know that there is a problem. However, if the phone is not in close range, and you need to activate the WhatsApp Web on your PC, the web application will merely try to connect to the phone until you can find your phone and activate your WhatsApp on the phone.

Can I use WhatsApp without a phone number?

Another big concern is whether you can use WhatsApp without a phone number or working sim card. The answer is yes, because there are ways to enable WhatsApp without a sim card or phone number. All of these options work for both Android and iPhone users. The first way is through the use of a landline number.

To use this option, you would have to enter a landline number when you are registering for WhatsApp. WhatsApp will attempt to send you an SMS, after this option fails, the app will provide you with a call option, which will then enable you to activate WhatsApp through the use of a landline number.

Alternatively, download TextNow or TextFree

You can also make use of the popular apps, TextNow and TextFree. After finding the app’s website on your PC’s internet browser, download the app onto your desktop. Follow the instructions to sign in or create an account. When the app provides you with your unique phone number, write it down.

Thereafter, use the number as the registration number when downloading or reinstalling WhatsApp on your phone. The code will be sent to the TextNow app and can be filled in on WhatsApp to activate it.

An alternative for Americans and Canadians

This last alternative is only applicable for those that live in the United States (US) or Canada. They have the option of using Google. Google allows you to create a Google Voice Number. After having activated the Google Voice Number, you can then input that number when registering with WhatsApp and the code will be sent to the number, which can then be used to activate WhatsApp on your cell phone device.


While WhatsApp Web is a functional and effective way to communicate with people on the app but still working on your PC, it does have its limitations. This is as the web application functions as a mirror of the actual app on your phone.

Therefore, WhatsApp Web will not work if your phone is faced with two things. Firstly, if your phone is not in range with the PC used to access WhatsApp Web. The app will also not work if the phone does not have an internet connection ensuring that it is working properly on the phone.