Will Fixer Upper be on HGTV in 2022?

Some of the original Fixer Upper episodes may still air on HGTV in 2022, but the revival, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home will air on Magnolia Network.

Fixer Upper was and continues to be one of the most popular home renovation shows because of how genuine Chip and Joanna Gaines appear to be.

However, even though reruns of the original Fixer Upper show may still appear on HGTV from time to time in 2022, all of the new Fixer Upper content, including reboots and spin-offs, will be on Magnolia Network.

What makes Fixer Upper so different from other home renovation shows?

With so many people having set out to redecorate and upgrade their homes during and after the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, home renovations shows have become increasingly popular as hoards of DIY-enthusiasts flock to these shows for inspirations and tips on how to get the most out of their living spaces.

Fixer Upper, which had already started airing in 2013, had built up a loyal following of fans by the time the COVID-19 pandemic happened, and the increased popularity of this genre only made the show more successful.

Part of what made Fixer Upper stand out among all of the other home renovation and makeover shows on television is the real-life married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines who are widely considered to be some of the most charismatic and genuine hosts in the genre.

Will Fixer Upper be on HGTV in 2022?

Although Fixer Upper quickly became one of the most popular shows on HGTV during its five seasons between 2013 and 2018, Chip and Joanna Gaines decided that they would be ending their show in 2018 to focus on their family and home life.

However, though Chip and Joanna never stated this publicly, there were rumours behind the scenes at this point in the Fixer Upper history that the contentious relationship between the Gaineses and the then Chief Programming, Content and Brand Officer of the Scripps network, which owned HGTV, Kathleen Finch, was the real reason why the couple did not want to renew their contract with HGTV.

Fortunately, when Warner Bros. and Discovery started their merger, the Discovery CEO, David Zaslav convinced Chip and Joanna to reconsider this.

Finally, in 2019, it was announced that the couple would be embarking on a new venture with Discovery Inc. which included a soft-launch for Magnolia Network on the Discovery+ subscription-based streaming service and finally, the plan that Magnolia Network would launch as a replacement for the DIY Network on cable television.

This Magnolia Network officially launched on 5 January 2022 with the revival of the original Fixer Upper series, titled Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

This means that although you may still be able to catch reruns of the first five seasons of the original Fixer Upper on HGTV, all of the new Fixer Upper content will be released on the Magnolia Network in 2022 and moving forward.

All about the Magnolia Network

Before the Magnolia Network rebrand of the DIY Network could launch in 2022, the Gaineses had to overcome a few obstacles.

Firstly, the couple had to be convinced by David Zaslav at their home in Waco, Texas to actually stay on and then to produce the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home reboot and other shows that were set to air on the network in 2021.

However, this was delayed, and the launch of this network had to be pushed to 2022.

Despite these setbacks, Magnolia Network has since launched, and it now features almost 100 original episodes and more than 350 hours of content and 30 active projects.

So far, the launch of Magnolia Network has been fairly successful, with the premier episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home raking in about 1.7 million viewers.

Other places to watch Fixer Upper

The reruns of the original Fixer Upper usually air on HGTV on Mondays between 6 p.m. /5c and 7 p.m. /6c, but if you have missed these episodes, the full five seasons of the show are available to stream on HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Philo, Apple TV+, DIRECTV, Sling TV and Vudu.

How to watch and stream Fixer Upper?

Furthermore, the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home reboot can be found on the Magnolia Network, HBO Max, Discovery+, Philo, Amazon Prime Video, DIRECTV, Sling TV, Vudu and Apple TV+.

How to watch and stream Fixer Upper: Welcome Home?

Shows that are similar to Fixer Upper on HGTV

Although the new Fixer Upper reboot and spin-off shows will no longer debut on HGTV, the channel has many other similar shows that you will still be able to watch if you are interested in shows that showcase the renovation process of properties that are practically falling apart.

This includes shows such as Fixer to Fabulous, Windy City Rehab, Fix My Flip, Good Bones and more.