Will Neteyam be in Avatar 3?

Neteyam was shot in the second Avatar film, but that does not mean that he cannot somehow appear in the third Avatar film.

The first two Avatar films were groundbreaking in their use of technology and the films’ director, James Cameron, has already confirmed that there will be four more sequels.

In fact, filming for the third Avatar film has already started and even though Neteyam died in the second film, there is always a chance that he could return in Avatar 3.

All about the Avatar sequels

At this point, whether you love or hate the Avatar franchise, there is no denying that the first Avatar (2009) film changed the way that films were produced forever.

Furthermore, with all of the new technologies that were developed to help James Cameron bring the underwater world of Pandora to life in Avatar: Way of The Water (2022), underwater filming has certainly made some great strides.

As a result, it seems almost impossible for new Avatar films to live up to the high bar that the first two have set.

Despite this, James Cameron has confirmed that at least four more sequels are in the works and that the next three Avatar films will all be filmed in 3D, like the first two.

Will Neteyam be in Avatar 3?

Regardless of how many movies will eventually join the Avatar franchise, one thing that is certain is that the some of the scenes from the third instalment in the franchise have already been filmed and Avatar 3 is already well underway to becoming a complete film.

Even though a reported 95 percent of Avatar 3 has already been filmed, according to the producer, Jon Landau, there are still many details about the film that have been kept under wraps for now.

One such uncertainty, which has been plaguing fans of the franchise since the second Avatar film was released, is whether Neteyam will return in Avatar 3.

Fans of the franchise first really got to know Neteyam in the Avatar: Way of The Water film, as the eldest son of Jake and Neytiri.

Neteyam quickly became a fan-favourite character in this film because he cared so deeply for his younger siblings and tried throughout the film to live up to his father’s high standards.

However, after Neteyam was shot and killed in the final battle in the movie, the rest of the Sully family laid him to rest at the Spirit Tree.

However, given James Cameron’s propensity for bringing back characters that died in previous films within this franchise, it is unlikely, but not impossible that Neteyam could make a comeback in Avatar 3.

Why is it not impossible for Neteyam to return for Avatar 3?

In the past, Colonel Miles Quaritch, who was killed in the first Avatar film returned in the second with his very own Na’vi body.

Moreover, Grace’s Na’vi body was preserved and actress, Sigourney Weaver, returned as her own daughter in the form of Kiri in this film as well.

Not to mention the fact that living characters can always connect with the dead through the Tree of Souls and that Avatar: Way of The Water also revealed that the enzymes from the brains of Tulkun may stop aging entirely.

This could possibly be used to resurrect dead characters in future films. Given all of this, there are various ways that Neteyam could be brought back in the third film.

Which other characters will return for Avatar 3?

Although Jamie Flatters‘s return as Neteyam is still unconfirmed, some of the confirmed cast members who will be reprising their roles in Avatar 3 include:

  • Sam Worthington (Jake Sully)
  • Zoe Saldaña (Neytiri)
  • Sigourney Weaver (Grace and Kiri)
  • Stephen Lang (Colonel Miles Quaritch)
  • Britain Dalton (Lo’ak)
  • Trinity Jo-Li Bliss (Tuk)
  • Cliff Curtis (Tonowari)
  • Bailey Bass (Tsireya)
  • CCH Pounder (Mo’at)
  • Matt Gerald (Recom Wainfleet)
  • Giovanni Ribisi (Parker Selfridge)

Which other details have been released about the Avatar 3 film so far?

The third Avatar film was filmed back-to-back with Avatar: Way of The Water and it is reportedly almost entirely done being filmed already, with a tentative release date set for December 2024.

The Avatar films obviously need extensive post-production work before they are anywhere near ready to be showed on screen, but this is very good news for fans of the franchise who will not have to wait over a decade for the next film to come out again.

Although the third movie’s plot has been a closely-guarded secret, it is likely that Avatar 3 will follow the same format as the second film and see the Sully family travelling to yet another new Na’vi tribe.