Will The Eras Tour be filmed?

There has not been an official announcement that Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour will be filmed for a documentary, but rumours have circulated that it might be.

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has been a long time coming and with the drama surrounding the tickets for the event, it would make sense for Swift and her team to film this tour. However, no official plans have been announced about this.

Will The Eras Tour be filmed?

Swifties all over North America could hardly contain their excitement when it was announced that Taylor Swift would be going on tour for the first time in nearly four years.

The Eras tour, which was set to begin in March 2023, was promoted as being a “journey through all” of Swift’s musical eras.

The anticipation that this caused quickly led to an unprecedented demand for tickets that subsequently landed Ticketmaster in hot water.

In light of this, it would make sense for Swift and her team to film The Eras Tour in order to give fans who could not attend it a taste of what they missed.

Though no plans to film the tour have been confirmed yet, Hulu did drum up some excitement when they created a special “Taylor Swift: Eras Tour” tab, but this just turned out to be a collection of some of her best videos.

Some fans have also reportedly spotted signage and cameras confirming that the tour has been filmed at some of the earliest dates, but again, nothing has been officially confirmed.

Taylor Swift Tours that have been filmed in the past

Over the course of her career, Swift has technically filmed five of her tours. This includes some tour videos that only her most dedicated fans would know about, like the CMT Crossroads: Taylor Swift and Def Leppard DVD, as well as the Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless, Speak Now World Tour: Live, The 1989 World Tour Live, and The Reputation Stadium Tour documentary.

Details about The Eras Tour

Experts have already predicted that The Eras Tour will be Swift’s highest-grossing tour of all time.

Moreover, with 53 total performance dates, 20 stadiums, and 44 songs from 10 albums and a three-hour-long performance, The Eras Tour is likely to live up to these experts’ and fans’ expectations.

Taylor is the queen of Easter eggs

Swift and her team may have not announced an upcoming The Eras Tour documentary yet, but as the pop-singer’s long-time fans will know, this does not mean much.

Swift and her team are notorious for throwing surprise announcements at fans with little notice in advance, and it is entirely possible that a documentary may only be released once the tour has concluded in August 2023.

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