Will there be a new season of Houses With History on HGTV?

The second season of Houses With History has already started airing, but it is still undetermined whether the show will be renewed for a third season.

Houses With History has a unique format because the show investigates the backstory and history of the homes before they are renovated and restored.

The show has already been renewed for its second season, which started airing in April 2023. But there has been no official word yet about whether it will get a third season in the future or not.

What is Houses With History all about?

Home renovators get into the business for all kinds of different reasons, but for the hosts of Houses With History, restoring historical homes is a true passion.

While anybody can repaint or redecorate a home, preserving the home’s history and unique style takes a true talent and appreciation for the home’s history. And this is exactly the portion of home renovation that Houses With History focuses on.

Houses With History attempts to freshen up some of the oldest homes in America. But by leading with the homes’ backstories, the show’s hosts ensure that all of the history of these properties do not get lost along the way and can live on in the new design.

Will there be a new season of Houses With History on HGTV?

The first season of Houses With History, which first premiered in 2021, was so successful that the network decided to renew the show for its second season just a year later in April 2022.

Fortunately for the fans who had been holding out hope that this show would break the one-and-done curse, the second season of Houses With History has already started airing.

This second season follows a similar format to the first season and will have eight episodes in total.

During the course of these eight episodes, fans will get to know the backstories, histories and tales surrounding historical homes in and around Plymouth, Massachusetts.

However, just because fans of the show will now be familiar with this format, it does not mean that the second season will be boring in any sense.

Loren Ruch, who is the group senior vice president of programming and development at HGTV, has explained that the reason why Houses With History has been such a hit with audiences right out of the gate is because the show flips viewers’ expectation of what a typical renovation show should be.

Unfortunately, HGTV has not revealed whether the show will get a third season following this most recent second one.

But if the show continues to draw in viewers, it is likely that fans will get to uncover the backstories of even more historical homes across the country in yet another new season very soon.

Why is Houses With History so popular?

Although networks use a variety of metrics to determine which shows should stay and which should go, these metrics always boil down to viewership and ratings.

So far, Houses With History has proved popular enough to get a second season and Ruch has pinned most of the show’s success on its charismatic and knowledgeable hosts.

Ruch also credited the fact that Houses With History focuses squarely on the home and how its story can be preserved, instead of focusing on the homeowners and their needs, the way that other home renovation shows usually would. And this is what keeps viewers coming back for more.

Which cast members will return if Houses With History is renewed?

Though no official details have been released about the possible third season of Houses With History, it is likely that all three of the show’s hosts will return if it is renewed.

Houses With History is co-hosted by Mike Lemieux (the show’s resident history buff), Rich Soares (the experienced carpenter), and Jen Macdonald (the expert designer who brings it all together). This group teams up to investigate and revamp these historic properties.

Where to watch Houses With History

If you happen to miss the live airing of Houses With History on HGTV at 9:00 p.m. ET on Tuesdays, there is no need to fret. Most of the first and second season of the show is available on a variety of other platforms.

This includes the subscription-based streaming service, Discovery+, where you can find Houses With History and a variety of other Warner Bros.

Discovery programming for $4.99 or more per month. Houses With History is also available on other streaming services like fuboTV, DIRECTV Stream, Sling TV and HGTV’s own streaming platform.

If you would prefer to buy or rent the new season, you can find it on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV or iTunes and Google Play.