Will there be a Now You See Me 3?

While Now You See Me 3 has been confirmed, there is still no word on the release date, the plot and the returning actors of the much-anticipated film.


The first instalment of the surprise box office success film, Now You See Me, came out in 2013. While the reviews on the magic-thriller action were mixed, the film proved to be a box office success bringing in an estimated $350 million through ticket sales.

The success of the first film pushed the studio, Lionsgate, to release the second instalment of the franchise, Now You See Me 2, in 2016. Moreover, while the sequel was released, a third instalment had already been confirmed to be in the pipeline. However, a release date has not been confirmed, even to date.

What is the premise of the Now You See Me franchise?

Now You See Me is centred on a group of magicians, The Four Horsemen, who carry out daring heists using their magic with FBI agent, Dylan Rhodes, played by Mark Ruffalo attempting to catch them.

The original cast of The Four Horsemen included Michael Caine, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, and Jesse Eisenberg. While the sequel included new cast members including Daniel Radcliffe and Lizzy Caplan, Caplan came in to replace Fisher, who could not return for the sequel due to her pregnancy.

While the third instalment is presumed to follow the same trajectory, now word on its actual premise has been revealed.

Will there be a Now You See Me 3?

When Now You See Me 2 was released in 2016, the third instalment of the franchise was already confirmed. However, as the years have gone by, less has been said about the promised third instalment of the magic-centred thriller action film.

However, in 2020, news about the pitfalls that Lionsgate has faced in attempting to make the third instalment were shared.

Firstly, it was revealed that Ed Solomon, who was behind writing the first and second film, would not be returning to write the third instalment. Moreover, even the director, Jon M. Chu was not planning on returning to the directing chair for Now You See Me 3.

Seemingly, the film studio needed to find replacements for these vacant positions ahead of getting into pre-production. Both matters have been resolved and it is believed that the film is currently in pre-production.

Who will be writing Now You See Me 3?

Following news of the departure of Ed Solomon from the helm of writing, Eric Warren Singer was hired to steer the third instalment of the film. Singer is also believed to be working with new co-writers on the film, which includes Neil Widener and Gavin James.

In reference to the actual premise of the new film, no details have been shared. However, fans can expect a new direction in terms of the storyline and the film as well.

Who will be directing Now You See 3?

Jon M. Chu was on the directing seat for the first two instalments of Now You See Me.

However, it was confirmed in 2020, when the update was shared on the progress made by Lionsgate in developing the third instalment that he was set to be replaced by new director, David Gould would take over the reins. Gould’s past films include The Cure and a series of short films like The Seed.

What will happen in Now You See 3?

Considering that the sequel left multiple avenues for the third instalment to explore, no word has been shared on the premise of the third film as of yet. What we do know is that we might find out whether Dylan Rhodes took the offer to the head of The Eye.

Secondly, that acclaimed actor, Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in the role of the film’s villain. Furthermore, nothing has been revealed about the premise of the film or who else will be returning to reprise their roles.


To date, the Now You See Me franchise has released two films. Now You See Me was released in 2013, and the sequel followed three years later in 2016. Due to the success of the first film, when the second was in production, a third instalment had already been confirmed.

However, by 2019, the three-year mark since the second and the six-year mark after the first instalment had hit and no word on the third was shared. In 2020, reasons were provided as to why, such as the production needing to find a new writer and director, which the studio has done. However, no word has been shared on the release date.