Will there be a season 12 for Death in Paradise?

Death in Paradise season 12 has been officially confirmed as shooting for the new season has already started in St. Marie in September 2022.

Death in Paradise concluded its eleventh season in February 2022 after its eight-episode season premiered on BBC One in January 2022. BBC One did not waste any time confirming the renewal of the detective series for a new, twelfth season.

But it did seem like for fans of the show, the matter was not well circulated as lead actor, Ralf Little, had the responsibility of confirming the new season.

This is as Little used his social media to confirm the twelfth season, but he also confirmed that there would be a Christmas special before the premiere of season 12.

How many Christmas specials have there been for Death in Paradise?

Currently, Death in Paradise has had one Christmas special which it has released in the 11 seasons of its television run. This was during the 2021 festive season.

However, due to the success of the first Christmas special, which raked in over eight million viewers, it seems that BBC One wanted to capitalise on the success of the first Christmas special.

BBC One has confirmed that the second Christmas special is scheduled for release during festive season 2022. But no official release date has been confirmed by the channel.

Will there be a season 12 for Death in Paradise?

The earliest confirmation of Death in Paradise season 12 was in February 2022, shortly after the conclusion of season 11 on BBC One. However, at the time of the announcement, very few details were known about the upcoming season.

What BBC One did confirm at the time was that following the success of the first Christmas special, that there would be a second Death in Paradise Christmas special due to the success of the first, but some viewers and fans of the series were seemingly not aware of the matter.

This is as in August 2022, Ralf Little who plays the beloved character of DI Neville Parker, was asked via Instagram whether there would be a new season of the detective series.

Little reiterated that not only will there be a twelfth season on BBC One in January 2023, but ahead of the season 12 premiere, the second Christmas special will be released.

Shortly after confirming the matter in September 2022, Death in Paradise took to Twitter to confirm that the shooting for the new season had commenced in St. Marie.

It seems that filming is still ongoing in October 2022, as the production has yet to share that filming has been wrapped.

Where to watch online Death in Paradise?

What is season 12 of Death in Paradise about?

The premise and plot of season 12 of Death in Paradise has not been revealed. However, one plot that needs expansion is the relationship between Marlon and new arrival, Naomi.

But the major plot that viewers will be interested in seeing is the matter of how DI Neville Parker deals with his heartbreak after DS Florence Cassell ended things with Neville before her dramatic exit during the middle of the fourth episode of season 11.

This exit has surprised many as it marked the exit of beloved actress, Josephine Jobert.

Will DS Florence Cassell return for season 12?

Currently, it is unlikely that Josephine Jobert will return to reprise her role as DS Florence Cassell following her exit from the series during episode four of season 11.

But Jobert officially left the series during the season eight finale and returned in season 10 into season 11 to give the character her fitting send-off, which would satisfy the viewing audience.

Jobert has made it clear that while she is not closed off to the idea of returning to the series in the future, she will not return in season 12 as she needs time away before considering a return for at least a Christmas special.

Who will be returning for season 12 of Death in Paradise?

Ralf Little has confirmed his own return to his beloved character for the upcoming new season of Death in Paradise.

Moreover, original cast members, including Don Warrington who plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, and Elizabeth Bourgine in the role of Catherine Bordey, will return.

Fans are excited to see how their story develops, and it is safe to assume that Officer Marlon Pryce and Officer Naomi Thomas will return too. However, the series has yet to make any formal confirmations outside of Ralf Little.