Will there be a Survivor SA in 2020?

Survivor SA’s eighth season was postponed indefinitely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, subsequently meaning that the next season could possibly only be aired in 2021.

Survivor SA has been one of the many South African productions that have been placed on hold indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown, which placed restrictions on international travel. In February 2020, at a press conference held in Sun City, the Survivor SA producers confirmed that the upcoming season will see the contestants competing for 39 days on a secret location, dubbed Immunity Island. Joined by host, Nico Pangio, and season seven winner, Rob Bentele, and runner-up, Nicole Capper, the panel shared that, at the time, they were in the process of casting, with hopes of the season airing in late 2020.

Just over one month later in March 2020, the national lockdown was implemented, which suspended all production activities. With Survivor SA taking place at an international location, all possibility of the eighth season being filmed and screened in 2020 were completely diminished.

In a statement to JustNje in April 2020, M-Net stated, “The eighth season of Survivor South Africa has been postponed indefinitely amid the latest global COVID-19 developments. The safety of the crew, cast and suppliers was the key consideration throughout the detailed assessment and decision-making process.”

The reality show was originally expected to return in August 2020, and will now likely be filmed and aired in late 2021, depending on the travel restrictions put in place at the secret location. Previously, Survivor SA was filmed on tropical locations such as Pearl Islands, Panama, Johor, Malaysia, Santa Carolina, Mozambique, Addu Atoll, Maldives, El Nido, Philippines and Samoa.

During the press conference in February 2020, the producers made mention of their decision to consider the number of COVID-19 cases in a particular location when choosing the setting of the eighth season. They alluded to the fact that they had chosen a place outside of Asia.