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Yanga Chief vows to one day publicly acknowledge and detail AKA’s contribution to his career

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Yanga Chief has kept social media in suspense after he teased his followers, saying he would one day tell them what AKA has done for his career.

On Tuesday, 10 September 2019, Yanga Chief took to Twitter to pen a cryptic appreciation post for long-time collaborator and friend, AKA. Yanga’s post read, “One day I’ll tell you a story about what Kiernan Forbes has done for me since the very day I met him. One day.”  The post currently sits with close to 8 000 likes and over 1 400 retweets. However, that has not encouraged Yanga Chief to share the story.

Impatient fans took to the comments section to ask Yanga when he would tell the story. One fan commented on the post, writing, “Today looks like one day.” Another follower, who did not mince their words, asked, “So you are waiting for him to die, so you’d start telling us how good he was to you?”

Other fans of both artists were not particularly interested in the story. One follower remarked, “We may not know the full story but we see it.” A fan commented with titles of songs that the duo had previously collaborated on, listing, “[Tricky] Dreamwork, Baddest, Run Jozi, Jika [and] Sweet Fire.”

Some of his followers, however, expressed their patience and committed to waiting until Yanga was ready to tell the story. One such follower wrote, “I can’t wait [to] hear it, but I know he discovered you. Literally brought you into the game [with] that Run Jozi [hit song]”.  A follower that shared the same sentiments wrote, “Take your time brother, he’s been with you every corner.”

Sabelo Makhubo
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