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YouTube sensation, Mihlali Ndamase, reflects on ending a toxic relationship: “I thought I was going to die”

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Mihlali Ndamase, published a mukbang video with her friend and fellow YouTuber, Mmaneo V, reflecting on toxic relationships and the difficulty of leaving the relationship.

The South African beauty influencer invited her friend and fellow social media beauty influencer, Mmaneo V, to answer questions sent by her social media followers, while indulging in sea food.

During the interview, the two answered a variety of questions, from what inspires them to what keeps them motivated. However, the most poignant moments of the interview were when they reflected on their toxic relationships and how they decided to leave.

The first question on the topic was from a follower who asked the two how they would advise someone to avoid or leave a toxic relationship. Mmaneo V’s first response was of shock to the question, with her first response being, “Wow!” Mihlali’s first response was simple, stating, “I think leave…”

However, as the two continued to discuss the issue, Mihlali shared her personal experience, stating that it is easier to end a toxic friendship than it is a romantic relationship. Talking about her personal experience about the difficulty of wanting to leave, she said, “I’ve also been in my fair share of [toxic relationships]. I was like, how am I going to breathe, how am I going to live after this heart break? I thought I was going to die, friend, yoh!”

Shocked by her response, Mmaneo V, who is happily married, confronted Mihlali, who was adamant about her stance. In reflecting on when it is time to leave a toxic relationship, Mihlali confessed, “I think in terms of dealing with it, just leave when it becomes too much for you. I can’t say when because we all have different tolerances…”

Watch the complete video below.

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