Zahara confirms royalties with return of Loliwe

Zahara has confirmed that she will receive her royalties with the return of her hit album, Loliwe, on digital music platforms this past week.

Zahara took to Twitter on Saturday, 19 June 2021, to confirm that she will be receiving her royalties since her debut album, Loliwe, has returned o streaming platforms. The return of her critically acclaimed debut album comes after years of a legal dispute between Zahara and her former record label, TS Records.

TS Records, which was started by DJ Sbu and TK Nciza, is the contentious record label that previously had signees such as Brown Dash, Ntando and ProKid. After years of mistreatment rumours, the record label received a lot of backlash due to its artists reportedly leaving the label with very little money, including the late Brown Dash and ProKid.

However, in Zahara’s case, her albums that were released under TS Records were pulled back due to a legal battle between the two parties. Zahara suggested that she was owed money and royalties from her albums, and further alleged that TS Records did not pay her upon her departure from the label. However, it would seem that the matter has been laid to rest, as her albums are back on the major digital music platforms and Zahara is set to be compensated for the streams.

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