Zahara releases new album, Nqaba Yam

Zahara has released her seventh studio album, Nqaba Yam, with the latest single off the album being the lively Izolo.

Zahara took to Twitter on Friday, 13 August 2021, to confirm the availability of her latest studio album, Nqaba Yam. The journey to the release of the album was paved with hurdles, as it was believed that her promotional campaign was being sabotaged following the viral video of her singing inebriated. However, on the contrary, the video only led to fans vocalising their support for her.

According to the description of the album, “Zahara’s seventh studio album, Nqaba Yam, is a stream of the South African Afropop artist’s ponderings and recollections of recent life events. During a time when the world is seeking comfort and refuge in new coping mechanisms, Zahara encourages us to embrace our respective sources of fulfilment. It’s how she herself has been managing.”

Izolo is the current single from the album. The mid-tempo, lively single details the highs and lows of being in a long-term and committed relationship. Previous singles released from the album include Nqaba Yam and Nyamezela.

The album is available to purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Nqaba Yam below.