Zakwe and Duncan’s self-titled album acts as ode to authentic hip-hop

Zakwe and Duncan’s collaborative self-titled album offers a nostalgic feel that transports listeners to the late 90s era, when authentic hip-hop was far more prominent than it is today.

Zakwe and Duncan’s self-titled album was released on Friday, 4 December 2020, after months of teasing it on social media. The album cover shows a sketched visual of the pair, which is reminiscent of a 90s comedy series. The musicians chose to make their entire offering strictly hip-hop, and did not compromise on the integrity and foundation of the genre one bit.

Zakwe & Duncan features a wide range of South African talent, including the Qwabe Twins, DJ Tira and K.O, amongst others. Each one of the artists maintain the hip-hop sound, whilst still managing to show off their individual flair. Each song also comprises the traditional hip-hop storytelling element, which is effortlessly evident in the punchy beats and smooth sequences.

In the album, Zakwe and Duncan individually showcase their signature sounds, which have gained them much recognition in their own right as artists. Their use of South African colloquialism and topics make their offering more suited for local audiences, and their ability to feed off one another’s energy makes the album far more appealing than their individual projects.

The album is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Zakwe & Duncan below.