Zakwe and Duncan’s Side D music video praised for its authenticity

Zakwe and Duncan have released the music video for their single, Side D, which sees them performing whilst walking through a township and its residents.

Zakwe and Duncan’s Side D music video was released on Friday, 26 February 2021, on YouTube. The visuals, which were directed by Duncan, open with him having his hair and makeup done, before he takes a walk through his township. As he walks, he bears witness to many issues that are prevalent in communities, which he also mentions in the lyrics of Side D, such as hijacking and verbal abuse. However, there are also more positive occurrences, such as street dancing and the comradery amongst neighbours.

Zakwe also appears sporadically throughout the video, before he meets with Duncan at a local bus stop in the area. DJ Tira makes a cameo and is seen perfecting the production on Duncan’s verses whilst he delivers it in the studio.

Fans have praised the pair in the comments section for the authentic music video, which they believe fits perfectly with the lyrics of the song. One fan commented, “The storytelling in this is amazing. I’m one of those people we can see here.”

Watch the Side D music video below