Zodwa Wabantu celebrates AKA and DJ Zinhle’s little family

The South African entertainer shared a candid video on Instagram, celebrating AKA and his family on Wednesday, 14 August 2019.

Zodwa Wabantu has been very active on her social media pages, sharing her candid and humorous side with Instagram users. The media personality took to Instagram to celebrate AKA and DJ Zinhle. Zodwa posted a video of herself singing one of AKA’s songs, where the acclaimed South African rapper mentions her name.

The South African entertainer is known for addressing her audience and followers in isiZulu and the recent video she shared was no different. Zodwa jokingly shared that she was not aware that her name is mentioned in one of AKA’s songs, and went on to sing the part of the song that supposedly mentions her name. The lyrics to AKA’s song mention her intimidating people and being indifferent towards other peoples’ business.

Instagram users were amused by the entertainer’s sentiments, expressing how funny she continues to be and how candid and authentic she appears. Many of the Instagram users’ comments highlighted that the song she is referring to is questionable. However, many of them celebrated how innovative she is and that she is indeed humorous.

Zodwa tagged AKA, DJ Zinhle, and their daughter Kairo, who are currently on a family vacation in Mauritius. She captioned the video, saying, “Shout out to this family man AKA, wife DJ Zinhle, daughter, Kairo, Family street kid is Zodwa Wabantu”, referring to herself as a street kid that joined the family.

Watch Zodwa Wabantu’s candid video below.