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Zodwa Wabantu checks “brother” into rehab

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Zodwa Wabantu has, once again, misled her followers by suggesting that she has checked her brother into the Africa Rehab Centre, following her last promotional activation sparking backlash.

Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram on Monday, 4 October 2021, to share a video of her supposedly checking a family member into rehab. In the video, Wabantu first states that the person she is checking into the Africa Rehab Centre is her brother. The personality then goes on to nuance the relation she has with the said brother in question. Following posting the video, Wabantu received congratulatory messages for her brave and benevolent decision.

However, the post is believed to be the continued promotional work which Wabantu has been doing for months for Africa Rehab Centre. However, this time around, it is believed that she opted to enlist additional cast members for the promotional video. The reason being that the videos that have featured her going to rehab in the past began to receive backlash, as she never contextualises her videos to explain the intention.

For instance, her last video from August 2021 received laughter rather than the attention and purpose it aimed to fulfil, as people highlighted that they could hear the director’s call at the beginning of the video. The one before that, people claimed that they could see that she was “checking in” with an empty bag.

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