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Zodwa Wabantu encourages Gigi Lamayne to stay away from negative people

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The South African entertainer took to Instagram to share some advice with the hip-hop artist on how to deal with negative comments and people whose aim is to see her discouraged.

Zodwa Wabantu shared a video on Instagram in which she encourages South African rapper, Gigi Lamayne, to ignore the many negative comments that the rapper receives from social media users and people in general.

In the video, Zodwa Wabantu is seen in her signature look of a short dress and heels, talking to the camera with passion and enthusiasm. She starts off the video by saying that the message she is sharing is in support of Gigi Lamayne. She encourages Gigi to stay away from people who aim to bring negativity into her life and that even when attending events, Gigi should not pay attention to the nay-sayers and should stay far away from them. The multi-award winning South African hip-hop artist took to Twitter to repost the video and thank Zodwa for the support.

Zodwa expressed that she often receives backlash and negative comments from people and social media users, and she makes the decision not to listen to the comments and always ignores them. Gigi Lamayne has previously shared that she often receives comments that are not always positive and motivating towards her career.

Many Twitter users commented on the post, expressing how impressed they are that Zodwa took the time to motivate the young artist and that her continued support for other women in the industry is commendable.

Watch Zodwa Wabantu’s video below.

Nomakhaya Makhaya
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