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Zodwa Wabantu states that visitors are not welcome in her home

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Zodwa Wabantu has revealed that she does not have any couches or chairs in her home, simply because she does not want to welcome guests into her private space.

Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram on Sunday, 28 March 2021, to share a behind-the-scenes clip on the set of her reality show, Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored. Whilst filming the diary scenes in her home, Zodwa Wabantu revealed that she had realised that the crew had nowhere to sit, as she does not have any couches or chairs in the lower level of her house. She explained that this was intentionally done because she does not want anyone to feel as though they are welcome into her home, as it is her private space.

She further revealed that when anyone comes to her house, it is for business, and they must not misconstrue their time there as a visit. She captioned the video, “You are not welcome [in] my home. Upstairs, lounge, TV and couches are for me. [Stand on the floor with your feet] Talk your business and leave.”

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