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Zoe Laverne adds length to her hair with brunette extensions 

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Zoe Laverne has revamped her blonde locks by adding new brunette extensions to her hair, giving it length and a voluminous look.

Zoe Laverne took to Instagram on Monday, 1 June 2020, to unveil her new look, which saw her posing with longer hair than her fans are used to. The internet sensation added lengthy extensions to her hair, bringing in a brunette element to her blond hair. The top was streaked with tones of blonde and brown, and was layered with a slight fringe at the front. Zoe chose to style her hair with curls, which intertwined the new two-toned hairdo.

Zoe Laverne is known for her platinum blonde colour and hair that falls naturally to her shoulders. According to many of her fans, the new hairstyle makes the 19-year-old TikTok sensation appear more mature, with Candice Fern stating, “You look [like you are in your] mid-20’s now. Love it.”

See the images of Zoe Laverne’s brunette extensions below.

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