Zola Nombona joins BET Africa’s Isono

BET Africa’s Isono has revealed that acclaimed actress, Zola Nombona, has joined its star-studded cast as Zoleka Sigcawu, who is described as “a high-powered, modern woman.”

BET Africa’s Isono released a statement on Wednesday, 7 April 2021, announcing the addition of a new character to its storyline. The statement confirmed that Lockdown-famed star, Zola Nombona, has joined the cast as Zoleka Sigcawu.

According to the statement, Zoleka is a “high-powered, modern woman at the top of her field as Head of Production at a sports channel, UltraSport.” Moreover, she will also have a romantic relationship with Makwande, played by NaakMusiQ.

Nombona has been working on her body since having her first child last year with actor and producer, Thomas Gumede. Her appearance on Isono marks her return to the silver screens since then. The star has not shared the news or teased her return to television on her social media pages yet.